Pedro MachadoVenus cloud tops winds with ground-based Doppler velocimetry and comparison with space-based cloud tracking method


João FernandesdY/dZ from binary stars: metallicity dependence and helium saturation

Mario Monteiro SpaceInn – Exploitation of Space Data for Innovative Helio- and Asteroseismology


José Marques Gamma-rays polarimetry with CZT Arrays: experimental setup

Carlos PatacasGamma-ray Universe polarization data analysis with INTEGRAL satellite


João CalhauThe X-ray/Radio Correlation for Bulgeless Galaxies

Marco GrossiThe Herschel Virgo Cluster Survey: dust and molecular gas in star-forming dwarf galaxies

Elvira Leonardo – X-ray AGN in bulgeless galaxies: Masses and environment at z < 1

João RetrêStar formation rates of high-redshift Bulgeless Galaxies: a radio view


Carlos MartinsPRISM: the Ultimate Polarimetric Spectro-Imaging of the Microwave and Far-Infrared Sky

Masato MinamitsujiNon-linear curvature perturbation in multi-field inflation models with non-minimal coupling

Daniel RaposoCosmological solutions with a no-hair asymptotic behaviour in modified gravity theories reducible to the scalar-tensor class


Bruno AlvesBasic magnetic characterization of meteorites using a handheld susceptometer

João RetrêA Modern Observatory with 150 years

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