The XXIII ENAA public events will take place at the Astronomical Observatory of Lisbon on the 19th of July
and will include:


Visit to the Astronomical Observatory of Lisbon (20:30)

The central building of the Astronomical Observatory of Lisbon  hosts scientific instruments made by the
best european fabricators of the  XIX century. Such instruments were used for astrometry, activity that at
the time contributed to the prestige of the institute. The Observatory represents a place of historic and
museological interest to review the history of astronomy of the last two centuries.
More information about the guided visits to the observatory can be found here.

Public Lecture (21:30)

Radiação Cósmica de fundo: luz fóssil do Big-Bang revela “Universo quase perfeito”
António da Silva (CAUP/DF-FCUL)

Night sky observing session (22:30)

The observations will take place during the night after the public lecture and the visit to the central building,
depending on the meteorological conditions.



Information about how to reach the Astronomical Observatory of Lisbon can be found here.


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